• 1668 Magazine Rack

1668 Magazine Rack

    Brand: House Goods
  • 1668: 10.04 USD(normal)


Showing here is a convenient BOOK REST made in Durian Wood Laminated by Palm Wood Veneer that dyed with range of colors allowing to co-ordinate with most home decoration and furnishings.

a) It promise high durability that last for years.

b)Product size 44x36x25(H)cm.Eye-level reading,provides maximum comfort.

c)Large size for better hold&stability

d)Promotes proper posture for better spinal health

e)Heavy duty to with stand even the bulkiest books.

f)Eco-Friendly-Endless possibilities

g)Award winning merchandise

h)K/D easy assemble and storage

No matter where or what you use this book stand for it will very likely make reading a far more comfortable and healthy pursuit than you have experienced so far.

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